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DeepBond Latex is an APEO Free emulsion of single component styrene butadiene co-polymer based latex specially developed to improve the properties of cementations compositions. DeepBond Latex when used in combination with ordinary Portland cement, enhances the mechanical properties such as bonding (adhesion) with various building materials, flexural, compression and impact strength. DeepBond Latex improves thin section fragility of cement when used as a coating, and is resistant to hydrolysis so it can also be used for external applications.




  • Appearance : Single component milky white pourable liquid
  • PH value at 30°C : 8.5 to 9.5
  • Viscosity on Fond Cup B-4 at 30°C :< 300 CPS Max. Viscometer spinel 1.12 R.P.M at 250C
  • Solids % :45 ± 2%
  • Specific Gravity : 0.99 to 1.03
  • Durability with water : Dilute in any Proportion (As per application)
  • Mechanical Stability : Good
  • Compatibility : Compatible with cement & concrete admixtures
  • Storage Stability : Excellent
  • Toxicity : Non-Toxic



  • Increases flexural and tensile strength
  • Compressive strength is comparable with concrete
  • Reduced shrinkage, water permeability
  • Good bonding between old & new concrete
  • High strength mortar with good resilience
  • Durable structural repairs, restoration & waterproofing
  • Improved abrasion resistance



  • Simple to use as it is a single component
  • Cures to a hard, tough & wear resistant surface
  • Bonds (adheres) strongly to the most surface types.
  • Can be applied to a uniform thickness coating on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Allows trapped water (vapours) to escape and prevents blistering and adhesion failures
  • Makes cement mortar or coating compact which prevents salt penetration into the concrete
  • It is unaffected by UV light and helps prevent fading of concrete
  • It acts as anti-corrosive for steel. DeepBond Latex is highly durable even in continuous contact with water
  • It is non-flammable & non-hazardous. Does not evolve toxic gases when exposed to fire
  • Non-toxic to human being
  • Most properties improves on aging
  • Resistant to fungus and micro-organism growth



  • Waterproofing of building
  • Waterproofing of water tanks
  • Repairing of concrete and masonry walls-internal, external & Terrace roofs by cement mortars
  • Renovation and protection of concrete against corrosion
  • As a bonding agent for old concrete to new concrete, industrial floor repairs.



  • Surface preparation is the most important step before application to achieve desired results and avoid failures
  • The surface should be free from dust coatings, loose particles, fungus, moss, oils, greases, mould-release agents & dirt. Clean the surface by scrapping, sand blasting to remove dirt & loose particles.



1) As A Bond Coat: Plaster to Plaster, Concrete to concrete, Plaster over brick masonry in the ratio of 1:4:7 (DeepBond Latex: water: cement) Prior to mixing prepare a mix of Latex and water and add cement to it.

2) For Waterproofing: 2 coats with the ratio of 1:4:7 to be applied with an interval of 6-7 Hrs. Mix DeepBond Latex with equal parts of water and stir thoroughly.


A) Method

1. On a clean & well prepared surface apply DeepBond Latex cement slurry (DeepBond Latex :cement:1:1 part by weight)
2. Apply DeepBond Latex mortar by trowel to achieve uniform & smooth finish. Application of DeepBond Latex modified mortar should be very fast as it cures fast.
3. Moist cure for 24 hours & than allow it to cure


B) Preparation Of Mortar

Cement : 1.00kg
Sand : 2.50kg
Water : 0.16kg

· Increase the proportion of DeepBond Latex for more demanding situations.




A) Remove all sealed/loose concrete to reach up to the concrete or reinforced structure and remove all loose dust by means of wire brush.
B) Remove all dust particles by means of high jet water.
C) Apply one coat of DeepBond Latex with cement (Ratio of DeepBond Latex: cement: 1:1 PBW) on cleaned reinforcement and allow to dry for 2-3 hours. Coverage: 60+5sq.ft./litre/coat
D) Apply DeepBond Latex coat i.e. mixture of cement: DeepBond Latex (1.1 by (PBW) on entire surface. Allow it to dry for 102 hours. Coverage: 30 + 5sq.ft/litre/coat.
E) No prepare poly modified mortar as given below and apply it on entire concrete substrate at 10mm or 20mm thickness as required

Cement : 50 Kg
Sand : 125 Kg
Water : 8-10 Kg
DeepBond Latex : 8-10 Kg

Apply above polymer mortar by hand pressing over tacky DeepBond Latex

F) Allow to cure above polymer mortar for one day.




Moisture cure for 24 hours allow to dry out



Tools and equipment’s should be cleaned with water immediately after use.



24 months from the date of manufacture.

Shake well before using after prolonged storage.



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