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deepseal armourglazeAs DeepSeal Armour Glaze is a unique combination of very hard penetrating 100% UV stable Acrylic-glazing liquids. Surfaces treated demonstrate a significant increase of resistance against abrasion. This coupled with a high repellence against oils, mild acids and water means that it is and ideal cost effective choice for use in areas such as Car parks, Warehouses and driveways.

DeepSeal Amour Glaze highlights the natural colour of masonry produces a “wetted” effect, which is ideal for areas such as exposed aggregate pebbles, concrete panels and roof tiles.





High gloss protection of concrete, paving, masonry and warehouse storage areas against concrete dusting and the penetration of water and staining substances, whilst enhancing the natural colours of the surface.

All exposed surfaces shall be treated by 2 coats of DeepSeal 50. The application rate varies with different materials, however usage rate per coat for most surfaces range from 1 Litre = 4m2 for porous surfaces to 7m2 for more dense materials. All surfaces to be clean and dry, and concrete to be 21 days of age before application of material.

Apply two even coats of DeepSeal ArmourGlaze to surface with a brush, roller, lambs wool applicator or low-pressure spray. Allow to dry sufficiently before application of second coat.

Being a unique combination of 100% UV stable Acrylic-glazing liquids, surfaces treated demonstrate a significant increase against abrasion. Coupled with a high repellency against oils, mild food acids and water, this gives ideal cost effective protection. DeepSeal Armourglaze produces a ‘wetted’ effect, which is ideal for areas such as exposed aggregate, polished concrete and other masonry materials

All natural unpainted masonry, concrete and pressed clay surfaces.

All tools and equipment should be cleaned thoroughly with acrylic lacquer thinners, or discarded.

Any excess material should be mopped up from surface and not allowed to pond and dry.

DeepSeal Natural will give many years of protection; however life expectancy will depend on the surface and environment in which it is placed.

This material contains class 3 hydrocarbon solvents, contact with skin and eyes should be avoided. Should not be inhaled or consumed. Should contact occur, flush thoroughly with clean water and refer to the manufactures MSDS.

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