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Deeseal H20PUA single pack, aliphatic water-borne Polyurethane finish, for concrete surfaces where optimum resistance to the most aggressive environments is required. The  H2Opu  coating is ideally suited for application in occupationally sensitive areas.




Typically for concrete floors where high wear is expected or resistance to an aggressive environment is required. Ideally suited to heavy traffic environments where motor vehicles and forklifts are operating.



  • Clear gloss finish.
  • Can be applied to a wide range of common building materials.
  • Resists solvent, petrol, oil, marker pen and general stains.
  • Occupationally safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Easily recoat able.



  • Hard Wearing:   H2Opu is a tough, abrasion resistant finish giving long-life protection and wear resistance to concrete floors in aggressive environments.
  • Low Odour:    H2Opu is a water-borne system for low odour and ease of application.
  • Water Based:  Solvent free and ideal for application in confined or occupationally sensitive areas. Wash-up and clean equipment with warm water.



The concrete surface should be sound and free of dirt, dust, rust, oil, grease, curing compounds and bond breaking agents.

H2Opu will adhere well to most pre-coated concrete surfaces, with minimal preparation; i.e. A light sanding. However, adhesion should always be tested on a small area, prior to commencing application.Caution:   previous flaking or peeling coatings must be removed completely before application of H2Opu .



H2Opu should be stirred thoroughly before use. For very porous surfaces thin up to 25% with water for the first primer coat only to help seal off porosity.



Recoat Time:    As soon as floor can be walked on without marking.
Light Foot Traffic:    6 - 12 Hours,    
Full Foot traffic:     24 Hours,     
Vehicle traffic:       3 Days



H2Opu can be applied by either 12 -15mm nap lamb’s wool Roller or Airless Spray using a 15 – 17 um nozzle tip,  with a minimum of two – three coats recommend for most concrete surfaces.  Adequate safety precautions need to be adhered to when spraying.  It is important to ensure that adequate airflow is present across the surface of the floor. This will help with curing and prevent a layer of water vapour forming on the surface during that time, which can result in a variation in sheen and poor clean-ability.

Caution:  Ambient and concrete surface temperature must be above 10 Deg. C. during application and curing of H2Opu . If below this temperature whilst drying, curing will be suppressed, and this may lead to an improper film formation.




(When mixed in recommended proportions)

Property                               Typical Values

Appearance            Coloured Liquid
  • Specific Gravity          1.20 – 1.24
  • Solids by Weight        30 – 35 %
  • UV Resistance           Excellent
  • Flammability             Water based: Non-flammable
  • Service Temperature
  • when cured               -20 Deg. C to 90 Deg.C.
  • Pot Life (mixed)        Approximately 4 Hours @ 25 Deg.C.
  • Shelf Life                  12 months in original unopened container
  • First Coat            Approx. 200 – 250 Square metres (8 – 10 m2/Lt)
    depending on concrete surface and density.
  • Second Coat            Approx. 250 – 300 Square metres (10 – 12 m2/Lt)
  • Note:  Porous concrete may require additional coats.
  • Not recommended for continuous immersion in water.

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