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ds_heavydutyIs a reactive hydrophobic pore-blocking liquid ingredient; dosed at the rate of 30 litres per cubic metre of concrete, introduced into the concrete carrying trucks at the concrete mixing plant. DeepSeal® Heavy Duty has two distinct waterproofing actions. The first is the reaction of DeepSeal’s hydrophobic component with the concrete mix, which fundamentally changing its surface tension, producing a concrete, which is inherently water-repellent and non-absorptive throughout its entire mass.



To create waterproof impermeable, corrosion free concrete.


Specification applications should be referred to DeepSeal Concrete Waterproofing representatives, but DeepSeal HD is usually included at the rate of 30 litres per m3, to the ready mix bowl or pan prior to the loading of the concrete blend.


DeepSeal HD provides a totally effective integral waterproof and corrosion resistant system that is permanent for the life of the structure. It reduces the uptake of dissolved contaminants by up to 90%, thereby negating the need for membranes or built up treatments. DeepSeal HD is designed to enable major savings in construction costs.


Anywhere concrete is susceptible to water penetration. Ideal for submerged application, such as tunnels, underground car parks and walls adjoining water sources such as rivers and harbours.


All tools and equipment should be cleaned thoroughly with clean water immediately after use.


DeepSeal HD is permanent for the life of the structure.


DeepSeal HD is not classified as hazardous, but normal hygiene should be observed following use. It is recommended that protective equipment be worn during use. Avoid contact with eyes and do not consume. Should contact occur, flush thoroughly with clean water


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