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Stracto100sq meters of concrete sealer for the Stratco warebouse for this project we used H2Opoxy® waterbased epoxy sealer.

 Products: H20poxy

H20poxyThis project consists of 2 x roll coats of water based epoxy coating using our H20poxy® product. The top coat was overlayed with non - slip aggregate and sealed over with a coat of H20Pu, water based polyurethane which is ideal for heavy traffice and U.V resistance.  

Products: H20poxy, H20PU

Deepseal LithiumThis project was completed in December 2010, using DeepSea Lithium. An additional top coat of DeepSeal® AS  was buffed into the surface with polishing pads to heighten the gloss level.  The area is to become a commercial display showroom.

Products: Deepseal Lithium, Deepseal AS

Deepseal Lithium

This picture  demonstrates how easy DeepSeal® Lithium and DeepSeal Formula is easily applied with a sprayer for ease of application to seal and dust proof any concrete slab both of these products and their performance can be guaranteed for for 20 years. 

Products: Deepseal Lithium, Deepseal Formula

Deelseal NaturalThis project was complete using our DeepSeal® Natural penetrative sealer. The performance of this product is to seal and protect the surface from stains and lliquid substances penetrating the concrete slab, Ideal for use on pavers, concrete walls, foot paths and generally any exposed aggregate. 

Products: Deepseal Natural

Know How Concrete Technologies have recently ( 16/12/11)  completed reinstating the bike ways and walk ways in the Brisbane City Square Carpark with our H20poxy® product
in Emerald Green colour. 

Products: H20poxy, H20PU

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