About Us

KNOW-HOW Concrete Technologies was established in 1999, to bring to the construction industry a team of people capable of delivering personalised professional services and innovative quality products.

Our team offer an enormous wealth of experience, technical ability, and professionalism gained from many years of direct involvement in the construction industry, and pride themselves on the implementation of our diverse knowledge and dedication to innovation for our clients. Coupled with the lateral thinking of our inter-active work force and through communication with our clients in discovering their true needs, enables us to bring forward ideas and suggestions that present option’s which in return can offer greater advantages to them.

Our “alternative specifications” are often providing overdue reviews to traditional practices, with clients energetically assisting in effecting change, to maximise benefits for all interested parties.

KNOW-HOW Concrete Technologies manufactures and supplies a range of innovative materials and systems for the construction industry which is constantly being expanded to meet the changing demands of the 21st century.

Since commencing operations, we’ve grown quickly, and have undertaken many prestigious project works, in conjunction with some of the larger building contractors and government instrumentalities involving projects from Darwin in Australia to Dunedin in New Zealand. It is our continued endeavour to ensure that our clients gain the service and advice they require to enable their business to grow and prosper.