DeepCure SDS

DeepCure SDS is a water based acrylic emulsion formulated for use as a curing compound and primer for freshly placed concrete, and as a high quality primer for all concrete prior to the application of after trades. When used as specified, DeepCure SDS exceeds the 93% water retention requirement of AS3799 ” Curing compound for Concrete”.



In Australias harsh climate, the use of high performance curing copounds is essential to achieve good quality concrete. AS 3799 specifies a minimum curing efficiency of 90% when tested in accordance with the standards, DeepCure SDS exceeds this curing efficiency while providing a rigid primer with broad capability to the range of adhesives and coatings that may be applied to concrete by after trades. DeepCure SDS has the convenience of advanced emulsion technology to allow water cleanup of equipment, together with low toxicity to permit application in enclosed areas. Many curing compounds attempt to improve water retention characteristics by the addition of plasticisers to the resin. This can result in a permanently soft and highly elastic membrane that cannot properly provide a rigid bond between the substrate concrete and any post – applied topping. DeepCure SDS has been formulated to achieve a balance between superior water retention, low plasticity in the dried membrane, and enhanced compatability and bonding with post – applied adhesives and toppings.

Correct curing of new concrete where compliance with Australian Standards is specified.



Excellent adhesion to the concrete substrate and to a broad range of post applied surface toppings and treatments.

Once dried, DeepCure SDS will not re-emulsify or hydrolyse whe wet, reducing the likelihoodof chalking or hazing of the concrete surface. Because it is based oninnovative acrylic compounds, DeepCure SDS will not yellow when exposed to sunlight, or break down and flake off.

The low toxicity of DeepCure SDS enables it to be used in enclosed spaces with only normal ventilation.

Advanced water based emulsion technology means that equipment can be cleaned after use with water rather than with volatile or toxic solvent cleaners.

Many post – applied toppings and surface treatments may require no surface preparation apart from normal cleaning procedures, resulting in sifnificant cost savings. The above benefits can be simply achieved by specifying DeepCure SDS as the curing compound to be used on concrete where after trades are specified.

DeepCure SDS is formulated to provide optimum performance as a curing compound when tested in accordance with AS 3799 ” Curing Compounds For Concret”, together with the rigidity, durability in an alkaline environment, and outstanding adhesion required of premium primer.

The uses of DeepCure SDS provides:

Curing efficiency 93%

High adhesion to the concrete substrate.

Simple wash down of surface preperation for after trades.

Compatiblity with a braod range of adhesives and high performace surface coatings.

A durable, non-yellowing sealer to protect against surface stains.

Reduced potential for dusting due to improved curing.

Reduced likelihood of cracking caused by early drying shrinkage.

Higher resitance to water penetration.

Low toxicity.

Water cleanup of equipment.

DeepCure SDS should be applied to freshly placed concrete as soon as the surface sheen has disappeared after final trowelling or finshing is completed. Application should be by low – pressure diaphragm sprayer. DeepCure SDS is applied to give a coverage rate of five (5) square metres of concrete per litre of curing compound. Care should be taken that all areas of the concrete surface are properly protected and receive sufficient curing copound. This may nescessitate the application of a second coating of DeepCure SDS applied at right angles to the first.

Where after trades are specified, the DeepCure SDS surface should be washed with water containing a mild detergent, and then thoroughly rinsed with clean water and allowed to dry prior to application of toppings or coatings. Trials should be conducted to determine adhesion and compatability with the particular material being applied. For some after trades, a further priming coat of DeepCure SDS may be necessary.

When used as a sealer on hardened concrete, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all loose, dusting or powdery concrete, and washed and allowed to dry. Low – pressure diaphragm sprayers, brush or roller can then be used to apply DeepSeal SDS. Ensuring an even coverage, at rate of 1lt per 5 – 10m2 depending on th porosity and texture of the surface.

Unused DeepCure SDS must be stored in tightly sealed containers in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Once a container is opened. DeeCure SDS should be used within 2 months.

Equipment should be washed in water containing a little mild detergent immediately after use. Hardened DeepCure SDS on equipment may be removed with acetone or MEK. Spilled DeepCure SDS should be diluted with water and absorbed with sand or suitable absorbent media and disposed of according to local regulations.

DeepCure SDS is normally supplied in 20 Litre containers and 200kg drums, but for larger volumes, delivery in bulk or 100kg intermediate bulk containers (IBC’S) may be arranged.

Low VOC Test Certificate

Boral Test Certificate

Material Safety Data Sheet